Library Tour

A look inside Rose Hill.

Library Entrance and Lobby

The library lobby serves as our main circulation area and information center. Patrons can borrow and return items here, access computers or consult our staff with any questions. A seating area can be found off to the side for patrons to work or sit and peruse our newest books of the adult collection. Upcoming programs and events will be advertised in this room with handouts available at the circulation desk.

Lower Level

Just past our circulation desk is the lower level of the library. The lower hallway contains periodical shelves with newspapers and magazines, as well as our audio books and holiday collection. Our computer lab is only a few steps away for patrons to browse the internet and quietly work, and just outside the computer lab is our book-sale shelf and public bulletin board. The elevator is located farther down the hall and provides access to all three levels. Restrooms and water fountains are available at the end of the hall – be sure to take a look at the fairy garden and waterfall on your way back.

Adult Collection

Our adult collection features hundreds of books which cover a variety of genres and topics. Located one floor above our circulation desk, the room holds several rows of bookshelves and seating areas to read and study. Additionally, the patio doors are opened on warmer days for patrons to sit outside and read. Our bookshelves are one example of the library’s effort to incorporate the older architecture into our renovations – the end panels were cast from the original fireplaces!

Young Adult Collection

The corner of the room is dedicated to our Young Adult collection consisting of fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels and manga. Some of our youth groups meet in this area for book discussions and games (like Giant Jenga). The windows offer a scenic overlook of our grounds and carriage house.

AV and Garden Rooms

The audio-visual room holds our collection of over 1000 movies and is one of the most frequented sections of the library. Additionally, both the AV and Garden rooms have tables and chairs to serve as a public work area. The corner cabinets often display a variety of crafts or featured artwork.

Juvenile Room

The Juvenile room is located at the end of the building and houses our various collections of juvenile books. Countless children’s programs have been held here over the years ranging from story times to meeting Santa Claus. Early education is one of our primary focuses and this area is filled with resources for both children and adults. The porch holds our toddler board books and Bin books – titles that are grouped together by popular authors or characters.

Pennsylvania Collection

Our Pennsylvania history and genealogy room is located on the top floor of the library. It contains our adult non-fiction history books and biographies; Pennsylvania reference books, cemetery records and genealogical series are available for viewing in the library. The closet in the corner holds hundreds of microfilm copies of our local newspaper dating all the way back to 1816 (Miltonian / Standard Journal). The film can be viewed and copied on our microfilm machine.

Hallway Displays

Throughout the year the library displays crafts, artwork and photography. Our halls are equipped with adjustable wire hangers and display cases to showcase pieces from our local artists. If you or someone you know is interested in setting up a display, applications are available at the library.

Library Grounds

Our library lawns span 6 acres with numerous trees, flowers and gardens. The grounds have been used for a variety of library programs including outdoor movies, egg hunts and bonfires. The grounds have also been rented for private events like the MHS prom, birthday parties and even weddings!