About the Library

Our history and mission.

The Milton Public Library has been serving the community since 1923.  It is currently located on 6 acres of beautiful manicured lawn that showcase an abundance of cherry trees. The stone house was purchased and the renovations completed in 2012.

The $4 million dollar project offers a 11,000 square foot library, learning facility and rental space opportunity. It’s truly a library unlike any other in the state of Pennsylvania.

The library retains multiple pieces of the original architecture including a wall safe, two fireplaces and the front doors from which our logo is derived.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Milton Public Library is to be a vital resource to the community by providing practical access to materials in varied formats, as well as services and programs of popular interest. Our emphasis is on encouraging all patrons to develop an ongoing interest and enjoyment of reading and learning, while furnishing timely accurate information for personal, recreational, educational, and professional needs.
Our mission is navigated by the following ideas:

  • A responsibility to offer free library service to the community.
  • Utilization of technology.
  • Cooperative efforts with the borough, other libraries and agencies.
  • Commitment to intellectual freedom for everyone served.