Living History


Our Perspective and Observations during COVID

Join the Milton Public Library and the Bucknell Humanities Center to create a community archive filled with your memories and experiences during Covid. This book will act as a historical record to provide your perspective,  observations, and a community narrative about this historical time.

The Milton Public Library is home to the stories and memories of our community and by telling your story we can share our experiences and create a local historical record to share with future generations.

How to Participate

■ Register for the Living History Summer Reading Kick-off Event on Saturday, May 22 at 11:00 AM OR register for Summer Reading and pick up your History at Home Summer Reading Bag at the Milton Public Library beginning Monday, June 7.
■ Create your contribution! There are so many ways to contribute, for all ages, so start working on your drawings, fiction or non-fiction writings.
■ Having a hard time getting started? Try using the writing
prompts found in your History at Home Summer Reading Bags.

Submission Due Dates

(July 6th-17th)

■ Turn your submission in at the Milton Public Library.
■ Want to keep your work? Bring your submission to the library
so we can scan your submission.
■ Don’t forget to include your name & age on the submission.
■ The History at Home Summer Reading Bag is yours
to keep!

Community Time Capsule

The Milton Public Library is building our first time capsule – and you can be part of it! As part of our Summer Reading Program, you can write a letter or draw a picture to be included in the time capsule and go down in library history.
We will have a ceremony at our Wrap-Up Party on July 17th at 11:00 a.m.
Click the button below to download a sheet and return it to the library by

- July 16th -