Fine Free

The Milton Public Library is Now Fine-Free!

You read that right: we will no longer charge fines for overdue materials.

This initiative not only helps us meet our mission of advancing literacy, guiding learning, and inspiring curiosity in a bold new way—
it also ensures that we provide equal access to books and materials to every one of our patrons.

So grab your card and check us out!

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

  • Will my existing overdue fines be forgiven, even if I have materials at home that are long overdue?

    They sure will! We want to put overdue materials back into circulation so that they can be enjoyed by more customers, so when you bring back those overdue books, DVDS, and CDs, we'll forgive any related overdue fines. This doesn't just apply to materials that are a day or a week late—if you're still hanging on to a book you checked out before cell phones were a thing, we'll gladly take it back, waive the overdue fines, and remove any related lost fees, too! (And, of course, all overdue fines for materials that you've already returned have been wiped from your account.)

  • Can I return materials that the Library considers "lost"?

    Yes! Once the "lost" materials have been returned, any overdue fines and replacement fees affiliated with them will be removed from your record. Our goal is to get our materials back so that they can be enjoyed and checked out by more customers!

  • What happens if I don't return my materials by the due date?

    As is the case today, users with overdue materials will be blocked from further checkouts until either returning or renewing eligible materials. We have also set up automated renewals, so if your items are not reserved by someone else by the due date, they will automatically renew up to 2 times. We will continue to remind you via email that we'd like library materials back; once materials are overdue by more than 30 days, we will assume that they are lost and bill you for their cost. Once the cost of your lost materials totals $10 or more, you will be unable to check out physical materials, place holds, use our computers, or request Interlibrary Loans until the materials have been returned, or their costs are reimbursed. You are of course still welcome to visit the library, check out digital materials, participate in programs, and use our Wi-Fi!

  • Will lost or damaged fees also be forgiven?

    No. Because we need to replace lost or damaged materials, customers are still responsible for costs associated with those materials.

  • How will the Library encourage people to return their overdue materials?

    We will provide an emailed reminder 3 days before materials are due and 2 weeks after they are overdue. After 30 days, we will assume that overdue materials are lost and notify patrons. At that point, patrons will be responsible for the cost or replacement of the materials. Patrons with lost materials will be unable to check out physical materials, place holds, or request Interlibrary Loans until the materials have been returned or reimbursed to the library.

  • How will the new fine-free policy affect the holds list?

    Many libraries that have gone fine free have actually seen a big increase in the return rate of overdue materials, and we are anticipating the same happy result! The library has recently signed up for a book-leasing program, allowing us to get additional copies of popular books to quickly fulfill holds.

  • How do I get a library card, or replace the one I lost?

    Visit the library with a current photo ID to sign-up or replace a lost card. If your current address is not on the ID, bring something that does like a piece of mail, bill, etc.

  • I have a question that hasn't been answered here.

    We're here to help! Give us a call at 570-742-7111 or email